The Gangnam Style Mashup - mobile upload by charles nyangiti

Bringing it all together, so many PSY in the world:

Can't decide which 'Gangnam Style' video to watch today? No problem, trust me! YouTuber Irish Patrick Peris has done all the hard work for you and put together this mash-up of all the best tributes, parodies, flash mobs, sketches and shows - plus the Psy original - from the first five months.

Hold up! The first five months? That kind of suggests that 'Gangnam Style' isn't going to disappear any time soon. Let's face it: those northern spoofs and sketches will just keep on coming, and Patrick "from Ireland to Chicago" will be obliged to make another updated mash-up in late April 2013.

Don't try to fighting irish it, folks! Watch more 'Gangnam Style' instead... via automatic mobile upload by charles nyangiti