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Lindsay Lohan charged in NYC club assault, then in Calif. crash

So when will Lindsay Lohan stop being in the news? What's the latest movie like? Is it made for TV? Liz & Dick (Taylor and Burton)? Looking forward to seeing it this weekend:

Lindsay charged in NY assault! (with video) - one of most popular news today.

Rapper PSY wants Tom Cruise to go 'Gangnam Style' - blogged by Charles NyanGiti

Sent from mobile phone (Charles NyanGiti): Saw this in the news:

TOM Cruise has turned down a chance to try out his Gangnam Style dance skills, despite Psy's desire for him to do so. 

Most popular picture and most popular picture ghost stories, collected for reader location tracking and keywords searched to arrive here by charles nyangiti

Didn't know there was such a thing, check it out: Most popular picture

 Top 15 Most Famous Ghost Pictures Ever Taken

Gangnam Style is most popular video! - this post has been copied with video for purposes of tracking reader key words and searcing habits and locations for web design of future posts by Charles NyanGiti

Geekosystem thinks so too. Wazzup with that? Half the folks here can't understand the language yet i see dudes singing and dancing along. Weird geeks:

Geekosystem article

Click and make it even more popular, adios muchachos!

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For the next Dayton Race:

Most popular internet memes. Some are hilarious.

Most popular recipe and history of Iranian popular dish which has been searched on the web and edited by Charles NyanGiti

This one's for you Mitch, chocolate ganache:

Georgetown cupcake!

Enjoy it and keep the recipe as I do.