'Glee' Covers Gangnam Style - sourced from youtube by Charles NyanGiti for this blog

Everyone wants to Gangnam! Glee too (via Mashable)

‘International Singer’ Psy’sGangnam Style‘ will be added to the OST of ‘Glee‘ the popular American television show.
On December 12th, Sony Music Korea shared, “‘Gangnam Style’ has been added to the OST for ‘Glee.’  Actress Jenna Ushkowitz on ‘Glee’ who is Korean-American, sang the song in Korean. Ushkowitz’s version of ‘Gangnam Style’ will be available for download on music sites.”
The cast of ‘Glee’ performed ‘Gangnam Style’ on the Thanksgiving Special episode and received much attention from fans of the show as well as fans of Psy.
Check out the performance clip below if you didn’t catch it before (reuters)!


i thought it was good - nice one mobile uploaded by Charles Nyangiti