How to become a successful model (Charles Nyangiti)

Observing nature and learning art from nature, here are tips on how to become a successful model in art:
  1. Be cool and be yourself
  2. Be respectful to the people you work with
  3. Remember in the online age any photos you take will last a long long time...
  4. Believe in yourself and your accomplishments
  5. Join social networks and present yourself very well and with a constructive attitude
  6. Remember anything you do will precede you in the future
  7. Stick to your guns
  8. Don't be bullied, believe in yourself (again!)
  9. Be prepared to travel a good deal
  10. Make people like you, i.e. put your ego aside
  11. Strive for quality and don't settle for number two. Practice practice practice!
  12. Don't pay attention to rumors!
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